HCG Diet

The hCG diet is a powerful, medically-assisted weight loss program that allows you to bust through weight loss plateaus by losing fat and keeping lean muscle, for a complete transformation of your body composition.

This physician-monitored program involves weekly check-ins with a nurse, daily hCG injections, and an easy-to-follow diet that will produce results.


What is hCG?

HCG is “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin,” a protein hormone made by the placenta of pregnant women, which acts to stimulate precursor hormones in the body.

In high doses, hCG is used to increase fertility in both males and females. Though its use as a fertility drug has been clearly defined and FDA approved, hCG’s use for weight loss has yet to be officially established.  Since its discovery, hCG’s mechanism of action in weight loss has been elusive, and its studies equivocal.

However, the reason for this is clear:  hCG does not produce weight loss by itself.  Rather, the diet is what drives the weight loss.


So why use hCG?

HCG is an analog of many hormone precursors in the body. This means it stimulates the thyroid, ovaries (in females), testes (in males), and adrenal glands. It seems that stimulating these endocrine glands contributes to the weight loss seen during this diet.

Testosterone, for example, builds muscle.  In small amounts, it counteracts the catabolism, or “breakdown,” of bodily tissues during a state of starvation. In other words, it acts to preserve muscle tissue during dieting.

Studies have demonstrated this retention of muscle mass with hCG. As an active tissue, muscle is largely responsible for the body’s metabolism, so by preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, metabolism is preserved.  When a patient loses weight with hCG, they demonstrate a relative retention of lean muscle mass along with a loss of fat, and experience a complete change in their body composition as a result. Clinically, this has a significant effect on metabolism.  

 HCG also decreases hunger, allowing one to comfortably stick to a calorie-restricted diet.

Research has shown that oral hCG, even when it is prepared by a pharmacy, is not absorbed into the bloodstream. This is critical research, because without adequate blood levels of hCG, muscle mass preservation does not occur.

While hCG acts as a catalyst for increasing your metabolic rate, burning fat and, most importantly, keeping it off, it is not a magic injection that will make fat melt away.  Of fundamental importance to the hCG diet is the word “diet.”  If one continues to eat normally while taking the hCG shots, weight will not come off.  In order to lose weight, it is still necessary to consume fewer calories daily than the body requires.  

To ensure success, the program requires that a very specific 500, 750 or 1000-calorie diet (based on your individual weight) be combined with hCG injections so that the body uses stored abnormal fat for its daily energy requirements.  This phase of the protocol depends on your weight loss goals.  It can vary from 23 days to 50 days or more.  In order for this protocol to work, the exact diet and procedures must be strictly followed.

If you follow the protocol, you will see real results!


Aside from weight loss, what other benefits might hCG cause?

  1. In an obese diabetic person, blood sugar may continue to drop towards normal from day to day.  Many such individuals are able to discontinue their anti-diabetic medication.
  2. Rheumatic pains may be markedly relieved in a few days.
  3. Blood pressure may drop and coronary circulation may improve.
  4. Blood lipids (e.g. cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) often drop to more normal levels if abnormal before the treatment started. 
  5. Gout may improve (however, uric acid levels sometimes increase first prior to dropping to more normal levels).
  6. Peptic ulcers have shown a surprising subjective improvement in spite of diet.  A phenomenon that always puzzles those so afflicted.
  7. Psoriasis may improve, as well as brittle fingernails!
  8. Hair loss associated with obesity is frequently arrested.
  9. Certain types of periodic headaches are often completely relieved.