UVL Rx: Intravenous Light Therapy

What is UVLrx?

A Polychromatic Light Emitting Diode System to Deliver Low Dose Light Directly into a Peripheral Intravascular Catheter for Improving Chronic Fatigue. 

This study is assessing a new treatment to reduce chronic fatigue. Many subjects can be affected by chronic fatigue. This research study is to evaluate the feasibility of an investigational device that administers low-light energy through an intravascular (IV) catheter. Accordingly, subjects will receive normal saline solution while concurrently receiving light therapy. The study will involve fifteen (15) treatments and a total of seventeen (17) visits to the treatment site.

For more information: http://uvlrx.com/

​"Light is therapeutic – a fact that has been validated by countless clinical investigations conducted over decades.  We know more about how light affects the human body than some of our more common pharmaceutical agents. [...]  The UVLrx Treatment System™ is the first direct-to-blood intravenous light therapy system. [...] Accordingly, there is no extraction of blood required, there is no loss of light caused by skin absorption, and there is no limitation in the total volume of blood exposed to the therapeutic wavelengths.  It is intravenous light therapy delivered directly within a blood vessel, shining on all blood and blood-based components moving past the IV catheter. [...]

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