What Our Patients Are Saying...

About The Rothfeld Center

Prompt attention, friendly service and great medicine. Thank you. - Mary K.

By far the best practice in the Boston area. From staff, office/staff set up, to supplement area, to doctor(s). - Susan D.

You found things wrong with me that my own doctor didn't hear me saying. I am feeling so much better. Thanks a million- Teresa R.

I loved this place.. It was my first time there, per recommendation of a friend for my Lyme. I felt heard and I also was surprised by the things the NP I saw was discovering and asking about. My own PC doesn't get this thorough at all! I'm interested to see where this goes. I am a huge wuss when it comes to having blood taken and they were INCREDIBLE with me! I was very nicely accommodated! Thanks again ladies!- Andrea T.

The atmosphere at the Rothfeld Center is a wonderful balance of professionalism and compassion. They have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of my 13-year-old daughter's cancer treatment and our crazy schedule. The IV nurses are kind and caring and my daughter is comfortable with each of them. I highly recommend The Rothfeld Center to everyone that asks me about the alternative treatments my daughter is receiving for her brain tumor!- Kilaharee L.

Everyone was focused on taking care of my needs and helping me with my health issues.   - Satisfied Patient

I was very fortunate that a friend of mine suggested I make an appointment with The Rothfeld Center for my chronic digestive issues. I would still be taking Miralax everyday if I hadn't met the professional staff at The Rothfeld Center. – Satisfied Patient

I've been going to the Rothfeld for over a year now. I'm VERY happy with the NP's and Allergy Nurse whom I have seen there. They take the time to explain the results of all your medical labs and to sit down to talk to you about your medical issues. Questions are encouraged! They include you in the decision making of your medical treatment. Best medical care I have ever received. I would highly recommend the Rothfeld Center to anyone. – Satisfied Patient

I feel there is a gentleness and sincere effort to heal and to help the patient, (me) toward wholeness. – Marilyn R.

Extremely friendly, efficient and helpful, as always! - Juanita R.

This is the first place that took my unusual symptoms seriously. I recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their health. -Satisfied Patient

Personal care with attention to detail... such a nice change!- Satisfied Patient

After just one visit I can tell already that their expertise in allergy diagnosis and treatment has far more depth to it than other places I have been, so I am confident of a positive outcome.- Satisfied Patient

There is a world of difference between the mainstream standards of medical care which focuses on mitigating illness (and woefully inadequately in many cases) and the integrative or functional medicine offered at the Rothfeld Center which focuses on obtaining and maintaining wellness. I can only hope the day will come when the wisdom of this integrative approach will be embraced by the entire medical industry and become financially accessible to everyone.- Satisfied Patient

About Glenn Rothfeld, MD

Dr. Rothfeld is magnificent . He has saved my life and have given me hope for my future. - Satisfied Patient

Dr. Rothfeld is amazing. His understanding, knowledge and approach is beyond anything I have experienced in the medical world. I am very thankful to have found him! He is a blessing! - Jennifer O.

Very helpful for long term chronic illness. Knowledgable, there when I need them, answer my questions, and Dr. Rothfeld is the best. Staff always helpful and pleasant!  -Elizabeth S.

Doctor Glenn Rothfeld [...] has kept me alive and healthy since my first surgery for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over 15 years ago;. I've never needed chemotherapy nor radiation treatments due to his masterful care. He truly practices the ART of medicine on the highest level. –Satisfied Patient

Dr. Rothfeld has helped me so much over these past few years. He is excellent at knowing how to study and analyze all the factors contributing to RA and coming up with problem solving strategies to decrease the symptoms. I am so grateful to all he has done for me so far! - Priscilla F.

Dr. Rothfeld was extremely thorough and asked my son personal questions and listened to him intently. We were not rushed and felt that we were important. - Alex P.

Dr. Rothfeld and his staff are second to none. The knowledge, compassion and care always makes me feel like I am going to heal, even if it is sometimes just one step at at time. Anyone who gets a chance to be cared for by Dr. Rothfeld will feel like they have found a well of hope for healing. He is not only a brilliant physician, he also is a Master Acupuncturist. So he knows the body from both the Eastern and Western modalities. Dr. Rothfeld is a rare gemstone of a doctor.- Colleen K.

Dr. Rothfeld is always thorough. Sandy and I feel we get the absolute best medical advice we could ever ask for. - Kent C.

I have been seeing Dr. Glen Rothfeld for years and am very greatful that I was referred to him. I received Vitamin C infusions for other reasons, but I believe they helped cure my cancer. Dr. Rothfeld got me on the Ideal Protein Diet, which helped me lose over 70 lbs. and eliminate high blood pressure issues. He continues to help me improve my health. I literally owe my life to him.- Pamela L. 

Dr Rothfeld has been so caring and supportive to me . I feel so fortunate to have him for a doctor who goes beyond to find answers. - Judith A.

About Beth Galan, NP-C

Beth Galan was a pleasure to speak to…very caring and knowledgeable...truly doing her job for the right reasons. I never felt hurried or that my ideas were unimportant. Also, front desk service was great; pleasant and professional. – Lauren H.

Beth was super as always. Front desk staff helpful and friendly. Gained many insights into getting and staying healthy. – Jackie A.

Beth Galan is very thorough and her bubby personality shines through. She allows her patients to make their own informed decisions and is willing to tweak things as need be. I feel I'm moving in the right direction.- Linda O.

I have been seeing Beth for the past few years, and am very pleased with the care that I have received.- Satisfied Patient

 I have a somewhat complicated case of hypothyroidism that has been unresponsive to typical treatment. Beth has been great about trying different supplements and medications with me to see what works based on my symptoms along with labs. She treats me as a whole and not just as some lab numbers. She is also usually swift with her e-mail replies, which is invaluable if I need to adjust thyroid medication dosage between appointments. I'm not 100% better, but I'm confident that I'll get there with some more time and Beth's guidance. -Satisfied Patient

I am very fortunate to be able to be treated at the Rothfeld Clinic. The test results showed a condition that my primary care physician overlooked. The focus, now, on getting better, working with Beth Galan has been wonderful! [...] My visit with Beth was productive, excellent in fact. Beth has a command of the condition and deep knowledge to make treatment recommendations. Beth is also professional and I love her energy. After years of doctors and test and no results, I am so happy to have found you and look forward to working together to achieve my best health! - Mary-Margaret T.

Beth Galan, NP was excellent. She listened to my concerns and came up with an excellent plan of action.- Sally B

My recent appointment visit went smoothly and i was seen in a timely manner. The front desk assistants were nice, knowledgable and very helpful, especially when explaining my blood work orders and the process. I saw Beth Galan, who was engaging, thorough and took her time listening, understanding and gathering information. Very happy with the visit overall.- Suzanne K.

Beth Galan was great! I liked how she asked questions and did tests to try to get to the root of the problem, unlike other doctors that just hand you a prescription to treat symptoms and send you on your way. I drove about 2 hours to go there, and it was well worth it!- Ryan W.

I could not ask for a better practitioner, and her staff!! Beth, is very personable and is up to date with all current treatments. I feel very blessed that I am under the care of such very thoughtful and knowledgeable people!!!- Paul M.

Beth Gallan is Wonderful! My thyroid has been off for so long. I have gone to Endo MD's in the past. Beth is the only one that has listened to all my concerns and by checking my blood work and tweaking my Meds, mostly Supplements, she has been able to regulate it perfectly! She has helped me so much in other areas as well. She doesn't rush you, she is compassionate & extremely Smart! I would highly recommend her. We are extremely fortunate to have a place like The Rothfeld Center in our area. - Patricia B.

Beth was very knowledgeable, personable and understanding. It's great to find a medical staff that understands and appreciates a natural approach for healing. So happy I found the Rothfeld Center.- Margo I.

I have been seeing Beth for almost year. Every time I see her, she makes me feel as though I have all of her attention, concern and that she really listens and responds to what I have to say. So happy to have found such a great provider!- Paula C.


About Sophia DaRosa-Spillane, NP

Saw Sophia DaRosa. I was late [...] but she took her time with me and was very attentive. I also felt I could be open with her. I think she's just a terrific nurse practitioner. Couldn't recommend her more highly.- Dorothea H.

I love Sophia so much I wanna take her home! She is so great! I've never had a doctor be so thorough and listen to me the way she has. The entire staff has been excellent! I couldn't be happier!- Andrea T.

Sophia is an amazing practitioner that really cares about her patients as people, not just a bunch of symptoms. Lots of time and conversation are part of her practice. I went in very anxious about the new candida diet/lifestyle I am embarking on, and I left with a plan for the food and the supplements. I am very grateful for the care she provides, and her willingness to work with other functional medical doctors that are scattered throughout New England. I feel like I have a great team behind me.- Kara J.

Sophia and staff are great! Sophia is extremely knowledgeable and seems very interested in getting to the root of the problem while not being as condescending as some in the medical field seem to be.- Marissa S.

I was very impressed with The Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine during my recent first visit and my second visit today. The staff is very professional, courteous, and helpful. The clinical staff is very knowledgeable and provides information clearly and comprehensively. During my first visit, I met with Sophia. She is a fantastic health care provider. She is a wealth of knowledge, listens well, and is genuinely invested in the wellness and wellbeing of her patients. Sophia saw me during my visit today, and not only did she remember me, but she took the time to talk to me. That personal touch made me feel valued as a patient. I highly recommend The Rothfeld Center for quality, professional, personal care.- Donna N.

Sophia was a pleasure. Very knowledgeable.- George C.